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Agent workstation live monitoring and recording – Limited time discount

If you’re looking for a way to screen monitoring and coach your agents, we have the best answer for that.

With NGNShadowCoach you can do both live monitoring and recording of your agent’s screen. With NGNShadowCoach you can record both the system audio and the input (microphone) audio channels. Grupo NGN does not automatically remove recorded files after a set time frame. You can keep recorded files for as long as needed based on your business rules, not ours. NGNShadowCoach is simple to deploy and runs on a secure cloud server.

We have had an amazing response to this new product, and we want to provide as many contact centers as we can the opportunity to have an enterprise level tool at the cost of a small business tool. If you reach out and schedule a demo today, you will get a 20% discount code on your NGNShadowCoach pricing! No purchase or commitment necessary just set up a demo to get the discount code.

View multiple monitors

Catch multiple audio channels

Review recorded sessions

Just plug and play

Single file simple install

Once the file is installed on agent’s workstations they are automatically logged into NGNShadowCoach when they log into Windows, even after the machine has been rebooted or turned off. You can be certain that the monitoring will be active when you need it.

Web based monitoring

There is nothing to install on supervisor machines at all! Monitoring and chat is done from a user-friendly web platform. This makes it simple for a supervisor to monitor agents as needed.

Lock in your 20% discount by reaching out to us today to schedule a demo of NGNShadowCoach. No commitment necessary



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