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NGNCloudComm Gets Top Customer Satisfaction Rankings by G2

NGNCloudComm Gets Top Customer Satisfaction Rankings by G2 in the 2023 Summer CCaaS Report. Grupo NGN, a leading provider of Optichannel CCaaS solutions, is proud to announce that its flagship product, NGNCloudComm, has been recognized for its superior customer satisfaction in the recent G2 Summer Report. The product has been placed in the High Performers quadrant of the G2 grid and has been awarded the distinguished “Best Support,” “Easiest to do Business With,” and “Best Meets Requirements” badges.

In a competitive field of over 70 CCaaS offerings, NGNCloudComm has secured top rankings in nine customer satisfaction categories, reinforcing its steadfast dedication to customer excellence:

  • #1 Likelihood to Recommend
  • #1 Product Going in the Right Direction
  • #1 Meets Requirements
  • #1 Ease of Doing Business With
  • #1 Quality of Support
  • #1 NPS Score
  • #2 Ease of Admin
  • #2 Ease of Setup
  • #3 Ease of Use

NGNCloudComm Gets Top Customer Satisfaction Rankings by G2

Upon hearing the impressive results from the G2 report, Javier Limones, CEO of Grupo NGN, expressed his delight, “Our recognition as the best CCaaS partner in the 2023 Spring G2 report was an exciting achievement. The enhanced scores in the Summer G2 report and the additional ‘Best Meets Requirements’ badge are a testament to the relentless efforts and commitment of our development, sales, and customer support teams at Grupo NGN. It also validates the positive feedback from our expanding customer base.”


NGNCloudComm equips businesses with a robust and reliable CCaaS solution that facilitates smooth customer interactions across multiple channels, including voice, text, email, chat, WhatsApp, and social media, all integrated into a single platform. By utilizing NGNCloudComm, businesses can optimize their operations, enhance customer experiences, and stimulate revenue growth.

About Grupo NGN

Grupo NGN is the leading provider of Omnichannel and Optichannel CCaaS software. The company’s flagship product, NGNCloudComm, offers businesses a robust and reliable CCaaS solution that allows them to handle customer interactions through a variety of channels, all in a single platform. With NGNCloudComm, businesses can streamline their operations, improve their customer experience, and increase revenue. For more information, visit or call (844) 464 7876.

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