PACE ACX Virtual was unlike any other conference/tradeshow due to COVID-19 adjustments. The very way of communicating with people attending the event now had to be reinvented, and that is exactly what we did by integrating our powerful Omni-Channel cloud solution in our booth.

One essential highlight among all others was our new feature EngageNow™ which turns any web-enabled device into a powerful communication tool. For PACE ACX Virtual, the attendees were able to experience connecting and interacting with a Contact Center directly from our booth without the need for phone calls!  Built with integration in mind, we were able to use our contact center solution to connect virtual attendees with our booth workers in an environment where voice communication was never even considered – making our booth the only one where you could actually “speak” with the people at the virtual booth!  The integration was a breeze and required no changes or assistance from the convention technology company.

NGNCloudComm is the innovation of Omni-Channel cloud technology, redrawing the new normal with a multitude of powerful features, capabilities, and functions that are all seamlessly woven into one complete solution. What better to show the powerful capacity NGNCloudComm than in the event that prioritizes attendee experience and communication.