Can Your Contact Center Solution do all of this?

NGNCloudComm Omnichannel capabilities

Do your agents have to login to more than one system to handle different communication channels? Are you able to monitor your agents desktop and call audio as needed in real time? Do you have confidence that your outbound calls are in compliance with changing state by state laws? Who are your best agents and which agents need some training?

Grupo NGN has the answers to all of these questions.

Can your Contact Center Solution do all of this?

Do your agents have to login to more than one system to handle different communication channels? Are you able to monitor your agents desktop and call audio as needed in real time? Do you have confidence that your outbound calls are in compliance with changing state by state laws? Who are your best agents and which agents need some training?

Grupo NGN has the answers to all of these questions.

NGNCloudComm CCaaS

Our clients use a true omnichannel platform where they use phone, email, sms text, chat and social media channels to communicate with their customers. Agents can handle these different communication channels from a single platform with NGNCloudComm.

NGNCloudComm CCaaS

NGNInsights creates a open feedback loop between your agents and supervisors. Empowering and motivating your agents to improve by giving them real time performance feedback and allowing your supervisors to make the most efficient use of their time.

NGNCloudComm CCaaS

NGNShadowcoach allows you to monitor and record agents desktops and audio as needed for training, QA, and compliance.

Grupo NGN started over 20 years ago with the launch of ASD Softswitch in 1995. After winning many industry awards the product was purchased by Siemens in 2009. In 2018 Grupo NGN had the opportunity to purchase the source code back and we have renamed the product NGNCloudComm.

Over this period, we have customers who have stayed with the product the entire time because of its power, flexibility and our superior customer service and support. If your current contact center software isn’t giving you everything you need come talk to us and see how we back up our motto.

The best Omnichannel Contact Center software in the market

NGNCloudComm CCaaS NGNCloudComm CCaaS NGNCloudComm CCaaS NGNCloudComm CCaaS NGNCloudComm CCaaS
NGNCloudComm CCaaS

Provide true Ominchannel experiences

Allow your customers to communicate via phone, email, chat, SMS text, web forms, and social media channels.

NGNCloudComm CCaaS

Use a single agent interface

Agents can handle every communication channel from the same platform with our native blended environment. No need for agents to remember multiple usernames and passwords or time wasted logging in and out of different software to change from phone to chat to email etc.

NGNCloudComm Cloud Contact Center Software

Apply custom business rules

NGNCloudComm allows you to fully control how inbound calls are routed and queued and control how outbound calls are scheduled and assigned. Email, chat, SMS text, and social media messages are treated like phone calls giving you the same powerful IVR and business rule applications to route, schedule, and queue all your communications.

NGNCloudComm Cloud Contact Center Software

Build your own IVRs

With our user friendly drop and drag interface any user can build powerful IVRs without any programming experience.

NGNCloudComm Cloud Contact Center Software

Run custom reports

In addition to our more than 30 built in reports you can customize additional reports to pull and analyze the exact data you need for your contact center.

NGNCloudComm Cloud Contact Center Software

Be compliance ready

Whether you need to be TCPA, HIPPA, PCI or any other compliance, our multi-instance secure cloud based servers are deployed with your needs in mind and go through regular penetration and security testing.

NGNCloudComm Let Your Imagination Be Your Only Limitation

Follow your imagination

When we say "Let your imagination be your only limitation" we mean it! NGNCloudComm is built to handle the future needs of communication.

NGNCloudComm Guaranteed Return on Investment

Improve Performance

20% decrease in handle time? Check. 400% increase in successful upsells? Check. 30% increase in adherence? Check. We have the case studies to prove how NGNInsights increases performance.

NGNCloudComm Best Gamification Software

Deploy Gamification

Gamification is more than just bells and whistles. NGNInsights uses leaderboards, points, awards and achievements in proven ways to motivate your employees.

NGNCloudComm Lower your CCaas TCO

Increase Supervisor Efficiency

Supervisors spend less time reading spreadsheets and more time engaging with the agents that are in the most need of assistance and training.

NGNCloudComm CCaaS Motivate Agents

Motivate your Agents

Our real time feedback loop with simple Green/Yellow/Red benchmarking empowers your agents to make improvments in real time and to maintain a high level of activity on their own.

NGNCloudComm CCaaS Chat included

Control Internal Chat

Send broadcast messages to scroll across the top of the agents screen. Set up state based channels that can only be accessed when agents are on lunch or break. Take full control over who and when your agents can chat with each other or with management.

NGNCloudComm Audio and Video Monitoring included

Real Time Monitoring

View your agents monitor and listen to their audio in real time to provide compliance and training as needed. Our built in chat allows you to communicate with the agent as needed while monitoring their work.

NGNCloudComm Audio and Video Recording Included

Custom Recording

Record as little or as much of your agents interactions as needed for compliance, quality, and training with our scheduling rules. Recorded files are kept for as long as you need them based on storage availability not on a predefined schedule.

NGNCloudComm Cloud Contact Center Software

Leverage industry knowledge

Grupo NGN executives are members of PACE (Professional Association for Customer Engagement) and serve on the Government Affairs board. This means we constantly monitoring political and legal changes to the contact center industry and ensuring our products are compliant.

NGNCloudComm TCPA Cloud Contact Center Software

Receive free software updates

We run agile development teams with consistent software upgrades and updates that are always part of your licensing contract. We listen to our customers feature requests and make sure our software adapts to your needs.

NGNCloudComm Cloud Contact Center Software

Engage professional services

Our software deploys quickly and is simple to run and manage. But for those custom projects we have a dedicated professional services team that consult with your team and make sure your contact center is running exactly how you want it to.


Let Your Imagination Be Your Only Limitation

NGNCloudComm Contact Center Solution

With more than 2 decades of successful operation, this is the best kept secret in the Contact Center industry. True omnichannel, unparalleled performance with voice, SMS text, email, chat, and social media engagement.

Build powerful IVRs with simple drag and drop interfaces with intelligent scripting and business rules. Reports, full outbound (predictive dialing, preview dialing…), and more.

If you can imagine it, NGNCloudComm can do it.

NGNInsignts Agent Performance and Gamification

Developed and designed by a team of former video game professionals, data visualization experts and a team with more than 100 combined years of experience with contact centers. NGNInsights improves agent and supervisor performance, and we have the results to prove it.

NGNShadowCoach Contact Center Agent Monitoring

Monitor your agents desktop and both system and audio in real time. Use record triggers to determine when and what to record as needed for quality assurance, training, or compliance.

NGNCloudComm includes AI Predictive Dialing

Predictive AI Outbound Dialing with NGNCloudComm

Predictive AI Outbound Dialing with NGNCloudComm. NGNCloudComm is an omnichannel Contact Center solution that includes a built in SIP stack which means that it has full inbound and outbound dialing capabilities without requiring a costly PBX or UCaaS system. Contact...
Optichannel Contact Center software

NGNCloudComm Redefines Optichannel

Optichannel Defined NGNCloudComm redefines optichannel for the Contact Center industry with its latest release by Grupo NGN. Optichannel has traditionally been used to describe the ability to offer multiple channels to provide customers their “optimal” or “optimum”...
NGNInsights Dashboards

NGNInsights 2.7.4 Introducing the Dashboard

The latest upgrade to NGNInsights includes a dashboard that adds a customizable view of a Contact Centers performance improvement over time. Current NGNInsights customers will be notified of the release availability to schedule their update and receive the additional...
NGNInsights Agent Performance and Gamification

NGNInsights 2.7.3 Release Notes

Grupo NGN has released an update to NGNInsights (2.7.3) with new features including specific customer requests. The release is now available to all customers. NGNInsights customers receive all feature updates as part of their licensing at no additional charge. ...
NGNInsights AI Supervisor and Agent Screens

Employee Chat for the Contact Center

Have you tried using other chat systems – Teams, Zoom, Rocket Chat, but find that you need additional features and options that are specific to needs within the contact center industry? Do you need to control which agents are able to chat with each other, control...
NGNCloudComm WhatsApp Support

NGNCloudComm now supports WhatsApp

NGNCloudComm has added WhatsApp support to its industry leading omnichannel platform. Contact Centers can now add all the NGNCloudComm features including queue and campaign assignments, transcript history, and key data reporting to live chat interactions with the 2.2...

A Guarantee to substantially increase your agent productivity

Developed and designed by a team with behavioral science background, video game professionals, data visualization experts and a team with more than 100 combined years of experience with Omnichannel contact centers solutions. NGNInsights improves agents and supervisors...

Are you having problems with Caller-ID and spam marked calls in your contact center?

At Grupo NGN, we believe in options and solutions. You do not have to settle for manual or simple options that either are inefficient or just too time consuming. Our award-winning Contact Center solution, NGNCloudComm allows you to decide what is the best strategy to...

NGNInsights v2.7. New Features to continue improving your Agents Performance

Grupo NGN is proud to announce its latest release of NGNInsights v2.7. We continue our commitment to enhance our software to increase your agent’s performance for real and not as a figurative speech. As part of this release, we have enhanced our Supervisor-Agent and...

Monitor your agent’s workspace in real-time

If you're looking for a way to screen monitoring and coach your agents, we have the best answer for that. NGNShadowCoach is our screen monitoring and live supervisor-to-agent chat system designed for Contact Centers. Simple to install and user friendly, it is a...

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Awards & Achievements

NGNCloudComm Wins 2022 TMC Labs Innovation Award
NGNCloudComm PACE Annual Support
NGNCloudComm wins 2020 PACE Best in Show
NGNCloudComm wins 2019 PACE Innovation Award