Setting the Standard
for Communications

Grupo NGN delivers superior comprehensive communications services through an unrivaled, cloud-based offering. Our end-to-end solution intelligently supports enterprise communications, while delivering unprecedented function and control.

Introducing EngageNow

Facilitate the most innovative customer experience by allowing customers to call into the call center from your website!

No more looking up the correct phone number, finding the phone to call it, and waiting to be transferred to the right department. Customers can Engage with the Contact Center and be directly routed to the right agent!


Our Solutions

Enterprise communications is an ever-changing landscape and we have been innovators in our field for decades.  We listen to our customers and continue to develop and offer the highest quality products and services to minimize cost, stress, and disconnect.  Our comprehensive communications solutions provide peace of mind, more effective communications, and improved engagement internally and externally – allowing for an unmatched customer experience.

We get it. Cost-efficiency, control, flexibility, and security are major considerations for a company when it comes to delivering effective enterprise communications experiences.  Grupo NGN offers a communications platform that ticks all of these boxes. We take pride in our solutions that offer the most seamless and effective connected experiences.

NGNCloudComm a completely native blended omni-channel contact center solution

Adaptive, Intelligent, End-To-End Enterprise Solution

Gone are the days of purchasing one, two, or even three separate solutions for the contact center to have the agility needed to service your consumers on their channel of choice. NGNCloudComm is your one-stop-shop for all your contact center needs.

Ensure that your customers can seamlessly connect with you through any channel all while keeping your costs low and operations simple.

NGNCloudComm is the way to go!

Web Agent
RealTime Reporting
Integrated Recording
Strategy Designer
Historical Reports
Integrated IVR
Agent Scripting
Virtual Hold
Quality Assurace
Fully Redundant
Engage Now
A.I. Engine
Gamification That Provides Employees With Instant Insight and Effective Management Tools for Supervisors

Ultimate Performance Tools

NGNInsights enables managers to create continuous and uninterrupted feedback with their call center agents, ensuring that each member of the contact center team continues to improve their performance while also developing new skills.

Agents can view their performance in real-time and make immediate adjustments accordingly. Not surprisingly, this immediate feedback is one of the top drivers of employee satisfaction and retention.

Managers have never experienced technology like this before! With the help of NGNInsights, managers can train agents to take pride and ownership of their performance and ongoing improvement.

Gamification That Enhances Agent Performance and Agent Management
Gamification That Provides Employees With Instant Insight and Effective Management Tools for Supervisors

Screen Monitoring and Live Supervisor

NGNShadowCoach comes with chat functionality to communicate with your agents while monitoring their workstation. This allows real time coaching without interrupting the agent, while having visibility into their workstation.

Use NGNShadowCoach when it is time to monitor your agents without their knowledge to ensure the best quality assurance. With NGNShadowCoach, agents are not alerted when a supervisor is monitoring their workstation, providing an honest assessment of their performance.

Gamification That Enhances Agent Performance and Agent Management


Security, efficiency, productivity, performance. No two environments are alike. Our experts can help you navigate the path to a successful customer engagement journey.


Modernize your phone system with NGNVoice!  Our VoIP phone system provides the highest-quality solution to enhance your outreach and communications.



Our cloud PBX system provides a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for businesses that want to improve customer satisfaction with an easy-to-navigate system.

Our Story

Enterprise communications is more than a buzz phrase or the fad de jour.  It, when implemented correctly, is a positive systemic change that minimizes duplications and improves a company’s bottom line.  Opportunities for enhancements and advancements continue to grow in the enterprise communications field.  At Grupo NGN, we don’t just stay up-to-date on industry trends, we play a vital role in shaping them.

We believe that enterprise communications need to deliver business value as well as cost-efficiency. Employees need to be able to connect to services and collaborate with each other with ease, improving performance and productivity. In addition, CIOs need to ensure the business is delivering great communications and engagement experience to customers.

Our end-to-end solutions are supported by a highly-specialized, multi-lingual service team dedicated to providing global support for customer onboarding, meeting business scaling requirements, and unprecedented uptime.

At Grupo NGN, our customers are our top priority.  Our customers are more than numbers and exceptional customer experience is more than just a saying – it’s a promise.

A significant benefit of NGNCloudComm is the ability to make it work the way I want it to…without the expense of Professional Services.  Other providers make you fit into their product requirements, that is not the case with NGNCloudComm”

Brian Theusch

Vice President of Information Technology, TLC

The Grupo NGN team defines integrity.  It is so refreshing to work with such an innovative, ethical and genuinely caring company.  Their pioneering products and solutions allow eTech to provide the best services and outcomes to our customers.

The flexibility of Grupo NGN’s solutions and team of experts as well as their accessibility goes above and beyond what one typically expects from a cloud-based solutions company. Grupo NGN has truly mastered the customer experience.

Jim Iyoob

Chief Customer Officer, eTech Global Services

… it's incredible the power of the Grupo NGN team and the agility to adjust the programming, thinking of the need for the end-user, congratulations to all!!

Mauricio Martinez

Commercial Management, INNCET

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