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Grupo NGN engages with companies of all sizes to provide IT solutions tailored to your current and future operations and goals.

Security. Efficiency. Productivity. Performance.

No two environments are alike. Our experts can help you navigate the path to a successful customer engagement journey.

TCPA compliance, custom IVR, social media integration, and email are just a few examples of services we have provided to satisfied customers. We work with you to set up the appropriate infrastructure and can manage your IT in its entirety or in conjunction with your internal IT department.

Targeted Solutions

Our PS team carefully lays the necessary groundwork for success throughout each phase of your project. We customize and configure solutions and processes to help you achieve the best possible business outcomes. We use tested and proven project management methodologies, keeping an eye on the horizon and delivering a future-proof solution.  During a typical project, you should expect:

Pro-service customer

Team accountability with a single point of contact

A standardized, consistent project management framework that ensures expectations are clearly documented and met at each milestone

Optimal transitions from implementation to full system operation and production support

Consultative recommendations for high-value enhancements specific to your organization’s needs

Deployment flexibility, whether you need an on-premises solution or a public, private or hosted cloud environment

Pro-service team

Optimization Services

In today’s world, it is critical to have an environment from which you can maximize the efficiency of your infrastructure and extract the maximum ROI out of it. Our optimization services team is comprised of strategic consultants dedicated to helping you optimize your workforce, transform your self-service capabilities and provide business intelligence across your environment.

Data-Driven Deployment

Grupo NGN is at the forefront of technology trends, providing you with the strategic and timely insights that can manifest in many ways – from gaining a competitive advantage or increasing market share to opening a new revenue stream.

Proservice Data Project