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Adaptive, Intelligent, End-To-End Enterprise Solution

NGNCloudComm has seemingly unlimited ways of engaging, whether it be voice, email, chat, or SMS.

Gone are the days of purchasing one, two, or even three separate solutions for the contact center to have the agility needed to service your consumers on their channel of choice. NGNCloudComm is your one-stop-shop for all your contact center needs.

NGNCloudComm natively handles inbound calls, outbound calls, email, text messaging, chat, social media communication, etc.

Contact Centers save time and money by avoiding the cost of maintaining multiple products to handle different channels.

Agents are more productive as they are not required to use multiple usernames and passwords and do not waste time logging in and out of different products to handle different channels.

Multi-tier routing routines

All inbound communication channels – calls, email, text messages, chat, social media, etc are managed with multi-tier routing options including:
Multiple Skills
Account Ownership
Team Ownership
Last Agent Handled
Priority Scoring

Agent scripts pop with synchronized customer information and data input fields as designed by you.

Set and forget! Let the system manage the dialing for you!

Real time lead list management with advanced sorting, filtering and multiple record selection or suppression, quickly add new campaigns as needed, set abandon rates daily and on a per campaign basis and calculated based on a fix interval or an sliding windowframe. 

AI managed predictive dialing

Preview dialing

Skills based outbound call assignment

Manual dialing mode

Full blast dialing options

Real time lead importing

Up to date list inventory reports at a glance

Combine camaigns into shared queues to maximize efficiency and results

Custom Caller ID options include:

Per campaign

Per call

Per record settings

Selected sequentially or at random from a predefined list

Selected intelligently based on geographical location, area code, etc.

Responsive scripts allow agents to use desktop, laptop, or mobile devices

Agents can be assigned to any channel – inbound calls, outbound calls, email, text messages, email, social media, etc. from one single platform
Easily Build Custom Scripts
Scripts “”pop”” in front of agents with synchronized customer data
Integrate scripts and data with 3rd party customer applications, CRM’s, etc…

Full desktop video and audio monitoring

Custom recording based on intelligent scripting rules

Listen only, coaching, and conference audio monitoring options

Automate call routing and assignments based on your business logic

Remove human error from your call tactics enforcement
Score and tag records based on disposition and outcome to automate next step(s)
Bots and AI options can handle records prior to assigning to agents as needed

Simple drag and drop IVR designer allows you to create your own powerful IVRs without programming knowledge

IVR designer validation ensures IVR call flows are complete and error-free prior to publishing
Manage inbound call routing and data synchronization
Control outbound campaign management
Automate call flows prior to decide what to do with the record: Assign it to an agent (with/without autodialing), send emails, SMS, data updates, automatic reminders
Use AI bots, text to speech, voice recognition, and customer inputs
Route calls to different queues, campaigns or 3rd party phone numbers
Seamless integration with customer database
Simple external data dips to obtain/upload/synch data

Access more than 30 reports out of the box

Create your own custom reports
Detailed historical reports
Aggregated enterprise view with single click drill down options
Simple exporting in standard formats for additional analysis

Multi-instance vs Multi-tenant:

Your security is our priority. All systems are run on dedicated instances built for each customer. Your system has complete physical and logical separation from any other customer system. You are never at risk by any other customer’s actions.

We at Grupo NGN believe that our customers deserve the best and most secure environment possible. All of our customers benefit from having a Multi-Instance environment that provides flexibility and security while still taking advantes of a single code-base and agile versioning deployment of new features.

With NGNCloudComm, we have gone one step beyond Multi-Instance within a rigid cloud offering with the flexibility for customers to select their cloud environment if desired. We can deploy across open cloud environments like Azure, Google and AWS. Grupo NGN can deploy a system with fault-tolerance redundancy wherever and however our customers need around the globe.

NGNCloudComm has your solutions for state-by-state compliance

Our software can easily limit call attempts per day/hour/week/etc
We give you the flexibility to determine restricted hours on a per State and per Time Zone basis, even in real time for manual calls. If an agent attempts to manually dial a number during restricted hours, the system will not allow the call!
Ensure Caller ID compliance without sacrificing the ability to use enhanced options per call or per record

All of our applications support English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Agent Interface can support any language

Contact Us if you need additional or custom language support

Deployed Your Way

Our solution is the same, with the same features and capabilities regardless of the deployment method! Our solution can be deployed in the Cloud (Private or Public), On-Premise, or Hybrid!

NGNCloudComm adapts to your business needs, not the other way around, providing a limitless opportunity for maximum success.

In the Cloud



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