How We Work

We understand that every business has different needs.  That’s why we offer a wide array of products and services and are able to customize solutions based on those needs. 

Whether it’s streamlining processes currently in place,  implementing a fully-integrated omnichannel contact center solution, or guiding you through uncharted territory with new business opportunities, Grupo NGN is more than a vendor to our clients.  We are partners – helping you better engage with your customers to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Contact Center Omni-Channel Solution
There are no limits to communication and their potential. At Grupo NGN, we are revolutionizing the way technology is used to communicate.
Improve Customer Service Experiance

Improve Customer Service Experience

Increase Results

Increase Results

Major Reduction In Costs

Reduce Costs

We believe that companies should control their destiny, meaning that the software they employ should be agile and fully adaptable to the business, but most important, it should also speak the same language as the business.

Our technology enhances what business communication software can do by not only providing the traditional data from the telephony point of view, but also by bringing the Business Rules and language to our software so you can make informed decisions in real-time based on business data.

The gradual and constant acquisition of new technology has increased enterprise IT complexity. This is why it makes sense to reduce the number of suppliers and focus on integrated platform solutions.  Grupo NGN has designed solutions that provide the ability to dynamically deliver and manage a range of services. Flexibility is just one benefit of our solutions.

We encourage enterprises to stop paying a multitude of different suppliers for different communications services and customer engagement tools.  You pay more and your time is spent making sure each service and tool communicate with each other.  At Grupo NGN, we manage it all…saving you time, money, and sanity.

We believe that enterprise communications need to deliver business value as well as cost-efficiency. Employees need to be able to connect to services and collaborate with each other with ease, improving performance and productivity. In addition, CIOs need to ensure the business is delivering great communications and engagement experience to customers.

Our core solution, NGNCloudComm, gives you the advantage of having a single system with all the features, capabilities, and possibilities you need in a seamlessly interwoven solution.

Each individual part of the system is interconnected like the human brain; each part has its specialized function but is connected and talks to the other parts through the connectivity of an Artificial Neural Network.

Quick Install

Our customers don’t wait months, weeks, or even days to be fully operational on our platform.  Our team can deliver a fully functional solution that meets your timeframes, and our next-generation technology will truly make your life easier and simplify your business communications.

Balancing & Achieving Priorities

Enterprise communications is an ever-changing landscape, and we have been innovators in our field for decades.  We listen to our customers and continue to develop and offer the highest quality products and services to minimize cost, stress, and disconnect.  Our comprehensive communications solutions provide peace of mind, more effective communications, and improved engagement internally and externally – allowing for an unmatched customer experience.

End to End Benefits

From the Customer to the Agent, to the Supervisors, to the Administrator, to the C-suite – NGNCloudComm brings value to the entire business, seamlessly integrating and connecting your entire operation.

Your Communication Partner

We get it. Cost-efficiency, control, flexibility and security are major considerations for a company when it comes to delivering effective enterprise communications experiences.  Grupo NGN offers a communications platform that ticks all of these boxes.

We take pride in our solutions that offer the most seamless and effective connected experiences and our agents who provide top-notch customer service!

Let Your Only Limitation Be Your Imagination

NGNCloudComm is the only software that adapts to your business needs, not the other way around, providing a limitless opportunity for maximum success.

Our Story



Our story began decades ago. While, technically, Grupo NGN was launched in 2014, our history spans almost 30 years. Grupo NGN was formed as a successor company to SCS Inc (co-founded and co-owned by our CEO Javier Limones). Combined, the two companies have 27 years of experience in the Contact Center industry.

For more than 20 years, SCS was a fruitful company with its highly-quality ASD Softswitch product, sold in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico. SCS had a long history of being debt-free and had lost no customers as of September 2009 when it was acquired by the Gores Group (Siemens Enterprise later renamed as Unify Inc).  SCS’s excellence in financial security and 100% customer retention are testimony to good management and excellent customer service. When the Gore’s Group added ASD Softswitch to the Siemens catalog, it was rebranded as OpenScape Contact Center Campaign Director.

At the same time it acquired SCS, the Gore’s Group acquired SER Solutions, Inc (formerly known as EIS).  SER Solutions was a pillar of the contact center industry, producing global solutions such as CPS and E².  After a joint review of the product portfolio by developers from all parties, the decision was unanimous that the SCS product was superior, and the entire SER product line was marked as End of Life with its replacement being OpenScape Contact Center Campaign Director.

Following the acquisition, Limones remained with Unify as Executive Director of Development for OSCC-CD until July 2014. From July 2014 until 2018, Limones (through Grupo NGN) acted as an external consultant to Unify in all matters related to Campaign Director, making worldwide presentations on behalf of Unify, assisting with high profile customers, Level 3 support, Professional Services, and global partnership acquisition.

In 2018, Unify Inc. sold the software back to its original creator (Limones) in exchange for a 5-year white label agreement. The transaction was finalized in November 2018 and the software came “back home”. From that time we continued to add needed features to the software in response to customer demand. We employ award-winning technology that provides an Omnichannel experience, ranging from Inbound and Outbound calls while blending IVR, SMS, Email, Chat, CRM integration, etc.

Ever since, Grupo NGN has been supporting clients in several continents and continues to grow. The original team that made this product successful has joined our team and we are proud to have the dream team together that created the legend.

Grupo NGN prides itself on providing an unmatched suite of software and service products unique to the industry, delivering results designed to enable a user experience of unprecedented performance, providing an eye to bottom-line impact. We offer the highest quality suite of telecommunications products, cloud-based services, and software solutions unique to telecommunication and contact center service companies.

Our turnkey solution leverages a suite of tools designed to provide an unprecedented user experience.  Our products comprehensively support multi-channel communications while keeping an eye on bottom-line impact.

NGNCloudComm, our contact center software, is designed to make our customers’ operations more productive and efficient. Our patented products and services allow for unmatched excellence in multi-channel enterprise communications.