As part of its ongoing effort to remain informed on changes impacting the contact center industry, PACE nominated Grupo NGN’s CTO, Isaac Shloss, to be the association’s representative to the FCC’s North American Numbering Council (NANC) and Numbering Administrative Oversight Working Group (NAOWG).  Isaac’s nomination was approved in January, and he immediately became involved with the definition of the Reassigned Number Database (RND) – an online tool that can be used to partially validate permission to call. 

With the insight gained from his participation, Isaac will be tasked with educating the PACE Government Affairs (GA) Committee on progress and developments as they occur.  Likewise, he will brief members of the Compliance Officer Forum and drive communication to the wider member base at PACE.  At Grupo NGN, we will leverage this, along with all other valuable regulatory insight learned through PACE, to continue to ensure our products allow our customers to meet all regulatory requirements.

PACE is the nation’s only non-profit trade organization dedicated exclusively to the advancement of companies that use a multi-channel contact center approach to engage their customers.  Grupo NGN has been a platinum member with PACE since 2019, and both our CEO and CTO are active members of the GA.  Isaac Shloss is the State Council Chair, and, in this position, he takes an active leadership role in advocacy for state level legislation across the US.

If you’re curious about a recent regulatory development, feel free to connect with our team to discuss how Grupo NGN’s solutions can help navigate the treacherous maze of compliance!