Friday, April 17, 2020 – (Grupo NGN, Inc.) Grupo NGN, Inc. today announced the recent acquisition of CueFit™, a communication center business that developed and patented a specialized performance and engagement tool that utilizes behavioral science, gamification, rewards and recognition to increase employee productivity and retention.

“We are constantly looking at ways to improve the customer experience and provide a new level of service to our customers,” Grupo NGN CEO Javier Limones said. “CueFit’s innovations complement our high-quality products and services and are a great addition to our portfolio.”

The acquisition takes place at a time when the demand for remote agent capabilities continues to rise.  With more contact centers having to pivot to a new way of managing employees, CueFit’s patented performance and engagement tool will now be included in the NGN CloudComm™ service package or available as a stand-alone service.

CueFit™ started in 2012, when the company developed the first true Data Visualization Platform called VisualCue.  VisualCue allows for facts, data, and statistics of all types to be gathered and displayed in easy-to-understand – and visually appealing – graphics. The VisualCue platform was then used to design CueFit™ for both employees and supervisors. CueFit™ for Employees provides agents with a live view of their personal targets, benchmarks and achievements.  CueFit™ for Supervisors allows the supervisor to sees the exact same data and benchmarking that the agent sees. They can sort, filter, and group people together and can instantly see how each member of their team is performing.

“CueFit™ provides great KPIs and allows for real-time monitoring that helps our customers reward their agents who are performing well and help those who need mentoring,” Limones said.  “Our top priority has always been to deliver an exceptional customer experience and adding the CueFit™ app to our arsenal is definitely a benefit to our customers.”

Grupo NGN, Inc.’s NGNCloudComm™ solution allows an organization flexibility to connect remotely, quickly. Agents can work from their home PCs or mobile devices/tablets – all with clear call quality, synchronized CTI, and customizable scripting. If employees do not have a home computer, Grupo NGN’s ready-made, safe and secure terminals get agents online in minutes.

Recently, Grupo NGN announced a savings package for all new NGNCloudComm™ customers to better help traditional contact centers pivot to work-from-home models within 24 hours.  New NGNCloudComm™ customers will receive free licensing for 45 days, free project management services, set up at a discounted rate and half off of trainings and professional services.

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