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If you’re looking for a way to screen monitoring and coach your agents, we have the best answer for that.

View multiple monitors and hear both system audio and microphone audio

Chat tool between Supervisors and Agents

Monitor silently when required

Low bandwidth usage on each agent machine

Create simple auto-recording rules for your team members

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Just plug and play

Single file simple install

Once the file is installed on agent’s workstations they are automatically logged into NGNShadowCoach when they log into Windows, even after the machine has been rebooted or turned off. You can be certain that the monitoring will be active when you need it.

Web based monitoring

There is nothing to install on supervisor machines at all! Monitoring and chat is done from a user-friendly web platform. This makes it simple for a supervisor to monitor agents as needed.

If you have any question or want to find out more about the benefits of NGNShadowCoach and how it can impact your ROI, please contact us.



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